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The Healing Feelings System: Expanding, Mastering and Healing the World of Feelings

Instructor: Sara Allen, PhD

Monday, January 12, 2015
Hours: 9:30 to 6

Our bodies are a multifaceted multiplex of feelings: every action and reaction, every hormone, every organ, every cell feels – or is being directed by a feeling. The organization of the Feeling System Anatomy is as complex and complicated as our nervous system. It is as essential as our cardiovascular system. It is as organized and as reactive as our hormonal system. The Feeling System, just like all the other physical and subtle energy systems we study, is intimately intertwined in how we get sick. It is also as intimately intertwined, just like all the other physical and subtle energy systems, in how we get better.

However, and it is a big HOWEVER, we have little consciousness of this system and even less mastery. We have a deeply impoverished Feelings Vocabulary and little or no awareness of the structure or of the impact of the Feelings Anatomy on the physical and energy bodies. It is like being in a foreign land without a map and no way to communicate. We are left to wander life ensnared in uncertainty and bewilderment.

In this class you will learn the structure of the Feelings System Anatomy. You will immediately expand your Feelings System Vocabulary. You will learn how to overlay and intertwine the Chinese Five Element System with the Feelings System, to create movement and space in any disease process at any stage of the process. Mastery of the Feelings System frees the mind and spirit and lays emotional confidence and physical resilience on the altar of your life.

This class uses Eden Energy Medicine language as well as Chinese Five Element language. It is suitable for any student at any stage of their training. It is universal in its approach and universal in its effects. This class has immediate and expansive results for student and practitioner alike.

This class will also have available for sale an optional flash card system called The Feelings Marketplace. While not necessary, it is an important tool that students will love and to which they will want to have access.

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Debra Burchard’s Post Class
Five Astonishing Chinese Medicine Point Systems

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The Ancients in Chinese Medicine developed systems that are as diverse and as intricate and anything you might ever hope to understand in Western Medicine.  In Chinese medicine it was all discovered, developed and fine tuned through observation and the ever PRIMARY proficiency of getting energy to move and make space to create vitality in ourselves and others.

Debra Burchard, who has studied the body’s subtle energy systems since the 70’s, and has sat at the feet of the ICONS of the early energy kinesiology movement in the US as well as Europe, has put together a class that takes you on an adventure of five of the most mysterious and fascinating point systems in Chinese medicine:

The Divergent points:  The points that connect the inner and outer energies

The Command points:  These points have broad and strong affects on very specific parts of the body… sometime referred to as Lightning Points they are often said to be elixirs for the treatment of just about anything.

Lou Points:  There is really only one big meridian that surfaces 12 times to the skin… the parts of the meridian that are submerged deep in the body collect at the Lou points.

The Hara Alarm points: sometimes called the “Eyes of the Solar Plexus” are amongst the most mysterious and powerful and surprisingly easy to grasp points in the body.

Xi Cleft Points:  These points are sometimes referred to as” blood pools or chi pools” of energy.  They are considered among the most powerful and frequently used acupuncture points.

This class is a must know class for anyone at any level of training in the art of the body’s subtle energy systems.  These points are essential for moving forward in the mastery of working in the energy body.  A greater and broader understanding of how the Chinese Five Element Systems moves dis-ease patterns and creates resilience is profoundly expanded by the exploration of these astonishing systems.

Energy Medicine for the Dying:  How to balance and
align the energies of the terminally ill client.

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The dying client is an energy medicine practitioner’s reality.  There are special needs and techniques that are exclusive to the dying client.  The subtle energy body begins to shift dramatically as the client’s system prepares for death.  Being able to recognize the shifts, and respond accordingly, is paramount in working with the dying client.  It is incorrect thinking that death is the absence of energy, or that death comes because there is little or no energy.  This is not true.  The dying client’s body is very active, very full of energy, very much in need of treatment.  Dying is another phase of living that has very special needs and very special treatments.

The energy medicine practitioner is often the “last stop” for terminally ill.  They have often tried everything to save the physical and end up on the energy medicine practitioners table in the last stages of their physical life.   EM  practitioners need direction and instruction in how to deal with a dying client.  Dying, is a form of living, that needs as much balance and alignment of the bodies subtle energies as the client searching for vitality and long life.  The dying client is specialized in their needs.  This class discusses those needs and teaches hands on practical skills to the energy practitioner to ease pain, create peace, and gently balance the dying’s subtle energy systems.  To any seasoned practitioner, learning the art of working with the terminally ill client, becomes a necessary part of any energy medicine practice.


It is our intention to satisfy 3 levels of needs with these Saturday clinics:

 First and foremost we stand to help others in need.

These clinics will have energy medicine student supervised by an EEM Certified Advanced Practitioner, working on people who need and want energy work.

 Second, but still really important….These clinics are for the student’s need to use,refine and expand their already excellent skill sets.

Third, another really important need too…These clinics are a way of introducing Eden Energy Medicine to the public in order to build future schools of students.

Contact Dr Sara for Clinic Dates

Tuition: $75

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Open to All

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This class was originally presented by Dr. Sara at the International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine practitioners in San Diego September 2012.

In the German New Medicine system, they teach that all disease is initiated by an emotional shock to the system. They teach that all shocks are subjective – what may shock and initiate a disease process in me might not disturb another’s system at all. Donna Eden stated at the Portland Practitioner’s Conference that shocks to the systems initiate irregular energy patterns. (I had long recognized that irregular energies, if left unattended, create disease patterns.)

I had a “chocolate runs into peanut butter moment” (you know that old Reese Peanut Butter Cup ad – when the chocolate bar accidentally gets stuck in the jar of peanut butter.) sitting in that class with Donna. The German New Medicine (chocolate bar) system teaches that all disease is created by a subjective shock and Donna (big jar of peanut butter) stating that all irregular energies are initiated by shock.

So my thinking was, very simplistically put, like this:

Subjective Shock = Irregular Energy Patterns = Disease Patterns.

That moment in Portland sitting in Donna’s class gave rise to a large vortex of curiosity in me and I began to track and study the energy of shock.

As a result of this convergence of this brilliant and perfect storm of information, I began to understand how we get shocked and how shock turns energy irregular. I learned how to track it once it enters the body. I learned how to heal it when it runs rampant in the body and, most importantly, I learned how to steady the body so it is no longer vulnerable to being shocked. I have since learned how to teach all about shock.

I feel this shock piece is the most important piece I have to offer to the Eden Community. I feel that practitioners will ease so much suffering when they have insight how the body gets shocked and how shock lodges in the system and creates disease patterns.

Advanced Mentoring Classes with Dr. Sara


This class is for the advanced practitioner only. This is a mentoring class.

Contact Dr. Sara for Dates & Times.



This class is for the advanced practitioner only. This is a mentoring class.

Contact Dr. Sara for Dates & Times.


Just a note about the Advanced Mentoring Practitioner Classes…

Dr. Sara’s advanced mentoring practitioner classes are small, intimate, and very hands on.   Class size is usually limited to 5 students. These small classes of 5 students typically return — as a group — to continue to study together.

The bonds that are formed in these tiny and very intense classes are becoming powerful think tanks of brain power that students continue to draw on long after the classes are over.

This form of learning — small, intimate, intense and advanced, is Dr Sara’s favorite way of teaching.  It is also proving to be the advanced student’s favorite way of expanding and enhancing their current skill sets.