Eden Energy Foundations Classes

Eden Energy Medicine Foundation Classes

The Eden Energy Medicine Foundation Classes are a one-year program where you will learn and practice the fundamentals of  Eden Energy Medicine. The completion of Foundations Program in Chicago is completion of year one of the two year Eden Energy Medicine Certification program.

Whether you are healing your own self, or you are an advanced energy practitioner wanting to advance your skill set, there is a class for you.

Is This Program Right For Me?

Would you like to:

Learn Easy and Powerful tools to gain control of your own health and emotions

Eden Energy Medicine is a comprehensive system that can effectively address virtually any health issue. It puts the power in your hands to improve health and happiness.

Raise the bar of your life!

Eden Energy Medicine aligns with the body’s innate desire to heal and be well. It upholds the premise that we are meant to thrive and be happy, not simply exist and cope. This program offers concrete tools that glean results, even from conditions considered chronic or untreatable. Bring the spring back into your step!

Healthcare professionals:Prepare to become way more effective!

Eden Energy Medicine is easily folded into other modalities, and can open doors to improvements that might have been previously elusive.  Doctors, psychotherapists, massage therapists, nurses: simple energy techniques can help the body and emotions become much more receptive and open to your current modality. See your results improve exponentially!

From the first class you will leave with tools to improve your own health, and clear ways to apply them to your friends, family and clients. You will also gain a basic understanding of the concepts of Energy Medicine. In each subsequent class your toolbox will expand, giving you more and more ways to approach the issues you grapple with personally, or in your existing practice.


A sample of Year 1 Curriculum:

  • Energy testing: Learn how to assess imbalance in the different energy systems that comprise Donna Eden’s work.
  • Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine: Understand the foundational energies that can greatly effect our health and well-being, as well as how to test them and correct for imbalances.
  • Meridians: In depth study of the nature of meridians and acupoints, as well as how to test and work with them.
  • Chakras: Learn the physical and emotional associations of each chakra, and techniques to test and bring them into balance.
  • Radiant Circuits: Explore this powerful system that has the ability to affect and connect all the energy systems.

Classes are split between lectures describing the nature of the energy systems, demonstration of techniques to test and balance them, and small group time where you will be supervised while practicing these new skills for yourself. Between classes, students are supervised as they complete both written and practical exams, to demonstrate both understanding of the concepts and facility with the techniques.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded when all four classes have been attended and all written and demonstration tests successfully passed.


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